ABS Modem Utility 1.3 Download   68K Version  FAT Version

Program that allows you to connect, disconnect, and monitor the internal modem of an AirPort Base Station. Unlike Apple's AirPort software, the program works on machines connected to the Base Station via Ethernet.

Version 1.3 adds compatibility for the version 2 ("Snow") Apple AirPort Base Station, fixes a potential hang in the program, and adds support for running an AppleScript on connect/disconnect.

(Check the Beta page for a Carbon version that should work on Mac OS X.)

updated 1/20/2003
Check POP Server 1.1 Download

Quick and Dirty application that tells you whether your POP server supports APOP or other authentication mechanisms. (APOP is a way to log into your POP server without sending your password in plain text.)

Version 1.1 also reports additional authentication mechanisms.

updated 12/9/2002
Delete Now 1.1 Download
Delete Now is a Mac OS 8 Contextual Menu Manager plugin that lets you delete individual files and folders from the Trash. Instead of emptying the entire Trash, you can select individual items that are in the Trash, hold down the Control key, and click to bring up a contextual menu. Selecting Delete Now from the menu will immediately delete the selected items.
updated 3/4/1998
MSIE No Servers 1.0 Download
Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 allows you to browse AppleShare servers by entering the appropriate file:// URLs. This extension makes AppleShare servers invisible from within Internet Explorer.
updated 7/3/1998
FixWordSystemMemory 2.1 Download
Occasionally, people find that Microsoft Word 5.1 (and perhaps 5.0) refuses to start up, complaining about a lack of system memory. This system extension works around this problem, and "fools" Word into starting up.
updated 1/28/1998

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